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A Fresh Perspective
Pan Pasta was born out of an intense passion for food and culture, with a mission to alter people’s perspectives with a modern dining experience. We make food that you can taste, feel, and understand.
Welcome to dinner
Explore our menu
Welcome to dinner
Explore our menu
Our Values
We strongly believe in the importance of understanding where our food comes from, how it is being prepared, and what kind of influence it brings upon the people in our community and our surrounding environment.


Our top value revolves around person to person interaction. We not only want to serve you great Pasta, but to construct a bond with every customer.
Charcuterie board for 4


There is absolutely nothing for us to hide. We are as real and authentic as one can possibly get. No closed kitchen doors here.

Meatballs and bread
Fussilli pasta


One of our primary goals is to show how our food is prepared, where our ingredients are being sourced from, and the hard work, time, and dedication to the art.
Penne pasta


Our intentions are not only to provide immediate satisfaction with our food, but to make long lasting impacts that reduces our carbon footprint.
About Pan Pasta
Pan Pasta is the prime example of what an open kitchen concept represents. We understand what it takes to create Italian dishes made with simple, quality ingredients all while giving people an impactful experience. Here, there are no cut corners, but instead, tangible efforts towards time, precision, and consistency. We want to reintroduce Italian food in its newest form, which consists of transparency and quality. Nothing means more than learning and appreciating the food that is brought to the table. Pan Pasta strives to create an atmosphere that helps to uplift both your spirts and your taste buds.